Get the Local Marketing Advantage!

It’s simple. Whether your business is large or small, if your potential customers can’t find you online or they don’t know you enough to trust you yet, they’re not going to do business with you.

What’s your goal? You want your business to show up everywhere your potential customers are looking for you and then instantly convey to them that your business is the one they want to do business with.

And, oh yes, you only have a few seconds to do that.

Local Business Advantage is a strategy program created to give your business an easy, sure-fire way of attracting your potential customers online and instantly convincing them to do business with you based on your reputation.

Step 1: Get Yourself Out There!

local-listings-advantage-programLocal Listings Setup

If you’re hard to find online, you’re doing business on a wing and a prayer. Setting up your business on popular citation sites where people are looking for you will help you reach a much bigger audience.

We claim and verify up to 20 business citations on behalf of your business. That includes your local listings on all three major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) and major review and citation sites relevant to your industry. We make sure all the information is correct and up to date and post additional information such as photos, video and descriptions you provide. To view the full reputation marketing program and package cost specials visit here.

Step 2: Monitor and Protect Your Online Reputation

monthly-reputation-monitoringMonthly Review Monitoring

If you don’t know what your customers are saying about you, you have no chance of fixing the problems that are costing you business or knowing what to keep doing based on what you’re doing right. Being able to read the reviews your customers are leaving for your business all across the web as they come in and respond to them in a timely fashion is just a smart thing to do.

We monitor up to 20 major citation sites where your customers are leaving reviews for your business and send you an email alert whenever anyone posts any review—positive or negative—about your business. We also send you a monthly analytics report with your progress and reputation score, which calculates the number of five-star reviews you need to create or sustain a five-star reputation on the web. To view the full reputation marketing program and package cost specials visit here.

Step 3: Get More and Better Reviews with our Build Your 5-Star Reputation Program

This program focuses on helping your business get more and better reviews in as short a time as possible, making your business highly competitive in the marketplace and positioning it to become a market leader. What’s included: Local Listings Setup (described in previous section), Monthly Reputation Monitoring (described in previous section), The Private Review Page, Monthly Media Designs, the Review Kiosk App and Staff Training Videos.

To view the full reputation marketing program and package cost specials visit here.

private-review-pageThe Private Review Page

Worried about bad reviews? We’ve got you covered. We create a custom feedback page that filters bad reviews from good reviews and pushes only the good reviews to the online review sites. Any review less than a good review is automatically sent to you privately for your action only, but not to the live review sites to impact your review ratings. This proprietary strategy will increase your star ratings on the sites of your choice by only allowing your highest star rating reviews to go through.

To view the full reputation marketing program and package cost specials visit here.


media-centerProfessionally Designed Media for Getting More Reviews

A Private Review Page only works if people are going there to leave their reviews, right? Accomplish this by asking for reviews everywhere. We make it easy by providing you with a complete media center with professional designs customized for your business encouraging customers to leave reviews on your Private Review Page. There are 10 types of media:  post cards, table tents, business cards, flyers, stickers, window clings, counter cards, rack cards, bookmarks and email templates. We’ll guide you in how to use as many of these media types for your business as appropriate so you can get the maximum number of reviews from your customers.

mobile kiosk 1The Instant Review Kiosk App

The secret weapon power tool for getting reviews is asking for a review from every customer immediately after they’ve had a great experience. But if you do this from a single origin, the review sites don’t like it and delete your reviews. Our Instant Review Kiosk App is specially designed software that can be loaded on a smart phone or tablet and customized for your business. Its magic is that it changes the IP address with each new review, so the review sites have no idea it’s coming from the same location. All you have to do is ask your customer if they wouldn’t mind leaving you a review and then hand the phone or tablet to them. The app goes directly to your Private Review Page and sifts your great reviews from any others, leaving you with more great reviews than ever before.


staff-trainingStaff Training Videos

Customers leave five-star reviews after they’ve had a great experience that’s created by both their reaction to your products and services and to the interaction they have with you and your staff. Our online training videos can help your staff understand the critical role they play in helping your company build and keep a five-star reputation. This is particularly powerful and motivating when combined with going over incoming reviews during meetings that emphasize kudos for a job well done, as well as learning how to do better from less complimentary reviews.

Step 4: Become the Market Leader with our Build & Market Your 5-Star Reputation Program

The Build & Market Your 5-Star Reputation Program is designed to both help you build a five-star reputation online and then use that reputation to take your business to a whole new level, ultimately becoming the market leader.

This package includes all the components in the Build Your 5-Star Reputation Program above (Local Listings Setup, Monthly Reputation Monitoring, The Private Review Page, Monthly Media Designs, the Instant Review Kiosk App and Staff Training Videos), with the addition of marketing strategies that broadcast your great reputation and make you irresistible to your target market: Website Review Broadcasting, Social Media Review Broadcasting and Professional Spokesperson Testimonial Videos.  $499 set-up fee plus $597/month

5-star-reviewsWebsite Broadcasting

You’ve built a great reputation. Now what? Make sure everyone who’s looking at you knows about it instantly!

Our proprietary system broadcasts your fresh, five-star reviews from your Private Review Page and major review sites as they come in to key areas on your website such as your home page, testimonial pages or buy pages. This is a must-have conversion tool for potential customers visiting your site that immediately establishes trust and sets your business apart as an authority, making your visitors much more likely to buy from you.

social-media-broadcastingSocial Media Broadcasting

What about your social media sites? No problem. Our proprietary system also broadcasts those fantastic reviews from your customers to your social media so that anyone visiting these sites can see all the terrific things your customers are saying about you. This transforms your social media sites into conversion machines by establishing trust and setting you apart as an authority. Text-based sites such as Twitter will show your five-star reviews in a text-only format. Photo sharing sites will show your five-star reviews as a graphic and sites that include both can get reviews as a combination of text and graphic. Social media sites currently included are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket, Foursquare and Pinterest.

testimonial-videosProfessional Spokesperson Testimonial Videos

Professional spokesperson videos can cost thousands of dollars to produce. Our batch production process allows us to create top quality videos for your business with a focus on one of your great reviews. We then post the video to your YouTube channel, keyword optimize it for greatest visibility and traffic and put it on your website. These videos are a way to create instant trust and authority with your potential customers. One video per month is included in your program. Additional or standalone videos can be purchased for only $197

We recommend that businesses with limited budgets start with the Local Listings Setup and add on programs as their business grows, while companies that are interested in either dominating their local market quickly or repairing a bad reputation start with our comprehensive Build & Market Your 5-Star Reputation Program.

Website Development and Social Media Services

WordPress Website Development

If you don’t have a website or you’re ready to update your current site, we create professional websites on the WordPress platform that are mobile optimized and customized to your specifications. Our focus is to not only give you a website that looks professional, but also converts your traffic into customers. Basic sites start at $497

WordPress Website Mobile Optimization

Make sure your customers can view your website on their smart phones and tablets! If you currently have a WordPress website, we can take care of this for you for only $97

Facebook Fan Page Setup

Ready to get a Facebook fan page for your business? Do it right! Fan pages need to be set up properly in order for your business to get noticed. We make you have a vanity URL, a great banner, proper key-wording and categorization and other details that make all the difference in people being able to find your site. $97

Facebook Smart Strategy Setup

Turning your fan page into a conversion machine takes a strategy that really works. Our Facebook Smart Strategy Setup gives your fan page a step by step process that instantly hooks someone looking at your fan page and then turns them into a paying customer through a structured funnel. Starts at $497

Facebook Monthly Maintenance

Have a fan page but not really sure what to do with it—or don’t have the time to do it properly? We’ll make your posts, build your Likes and engagement and run Facebook ads according to your monthly budget for you. Starting at $97/month.

Social Media Monthly Maintenance

So many social media sites and so little time! No worries, we’ll do the posting for you. Social media sites you can choose from: Facebook fan page, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and others. Starting at $97/month.

Survey Design

For Build & Market Your 5-Star Reputation Program customers only. Get more detailed information from your customers by asking them three questions programmed into the form on your Private Review Page. $79 per survey setup.